We interviewed the representatives of the foreign companies that have chosen Chiba.

Interviews with Foreign Companies

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Mr. Mutsuo Furuya

  • Mr.Mutsuo Furuya at JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD.

JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD. was established as a Japanese subsidiary of Koh Young Technology Inc., which is one of the fast-growing 3D Measurement & Inspection machine manufacturers in Korea. Although Koh Young Technology is quite a young company(established in May 2002), their sales in the world has been expanding dramatically due to their products' high accuracy and fast-inspection speed. They have already established their overseas subsidiaries and branches in Germany, USA, China and Singapore as well.

3D Measurement and Inspection machines

3D Measurement and Inspection machines


Mr.Furuya and the staff

Q Koh Young opened first a Japanese representative office in Foreign Affiliates Start-up Center(FASuC) in Makuhari in April 2007, and then established JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD. a subsidiary of Koh Young Technology Inc., in March 2008 there. Were you sure then that Koh Young Technology would succeed in the Japanese market? And what are the reasons why you chose Chiba and FASuC as your first location?

Koh Young Technology Inc., is one of the fast-growing solder paste inspection machine manufacturers in Korea. At the beginning, we sold our systems through some Japanese distributors, but the sales did not reach our projecttions. Besides, there were already Japanese rivals in the Japanese market and "Korea Brand" was considererd, at that time, to be a new comer.
I was running my own company and I got to know Koh Young Technology Inc., through my business network. I was very impressed with high accuracy and speed of their systems and I was convinced that this system would be a blockbuster in Japan. I started working for Koh Young Technology Inc., as the president of the office in Japan to promote the system in Japan.

In order to expand our sales in Japan, it became necessary for us to have office space, where we can exhibit our demo systems. Since all our systems are imported from our Korean headquarters, it was important for us to locate between Narita International airport and Haneda airport. I saw Chiba Investment Support Center's website and contacted them and learned about FASuC. Since FASuC was subsidized by Chiba Prefecture, the rents, I found, were quite reasonable, comparing with those of the office space in the same class building in Tokyo or in other areas in Chiba. CISC and Chiba Prefecture supported us in many aspects and that is another reason I chose FASuC and Chiba.

Q In one year or so after JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD. first located in FASuC, you expanded your business so remarkably that JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD. "graduated" from our start-up center and moved to more spacious office in the same building. What do you think are the key to success of JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD.?

I think the biggest reason for our success is the high accuracy and fast inspection speed of our products. I don't think anybody else has reached our quality level yet. We already have patented our technologies in some countries and have applied for a patent in Japan as well. We had our demo machines in FASuC for our potential customers to actually see the high performance of our machenes. All the people who saw how our systems work, were impressed with their quality much better than they had expected judging from the catalogues and literatures. We feel that having demo machines in the office is much more effective in marketing them than giving brochures and presentations.

Moreover, we do advertise our systems on many occasions. We exhibit 2 or 3 times a year at the international exhibitions and trade shows, such as JPCA(International Electronic Circuits Exhibition), InterNepcon and SEMICON. We continue to do our best and show our systems to as many potential customers as possible and let them know about us and our systems.

I started JAPAN KOH YOUNG Co., LTD. by myself and now we have as many as 6 staffs in our office. Besides, we are happy to announce that we will soon open our Kansai office in Osaka. As the number of our customer increased, we have now 6 distributors, 4 more than the time we started business in Japan.

Q We understand that your company specializes in manufacturing 3D Measurement and Inspection machine. Would you please explain more about your products?

Our main products are solder paste inspection machines with 3D measurement and AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection System) used in assembling electronic devices.
You may know that during assembling process of electronic devices widely used in our daily life, such as cellular phones, digital cameras and automobiles, solder is occasionally put either too much or too little to mount electronic parts on the board. It is extremely important to detect those defectives to prevent bad connections, but some defectives could not be found by conventional 2D inspection system. Our 3D Measurement and Inspection systems can detect those defectives by using patented maximum 8-way projection technology. Besides, since inspection system is used in assembling process, it requires enough speed not to slow down the whole process. Our systems have achieved unbeatable inspection speed and performance - 0% of false calls and the inspection speed achieved 75cm²/sec.(11.63in²/sec)

At the begining, I didn't think it should be so hard for us to succeed in the Japanese market with our unbeatable high quality inspection system. However, Japanese big manufacturers, our rivals, already had large market share and it was not easy for a new comer from Korea to complete with those Japanese well-known companies.
But now, we feel that we are widely recognized among Japanese companies and we have won their trust. We now do business with many big Japanese companies such as NEC, SONY, SHARP, HITACHI, Panasonic and Canon. They already have installed our system.
We think that our technology is applicable not only for solder inspection but also for some other inspections which are now being done visually. We expect that we can expand our business more and more in Japan by trying to challenge those new areas.

Q I believe you have frequent visitors from Koh Young Technology in Korea. What are their impressions of China and Makuhari?

We have many visitors from Korean headquarters. They also like Makuhari very much. They say that Makuhari is very handy for them because they can easily get down here by a non-stop limousine bus from Narita or Haneda International Airport. They can come down by train as well and WBG (World Business Garden), where we have our office, is just one minutes from the railroad station. Besides, we love the comfortable environment of our office. On clear days, we can see Mt. Fuji from our office.
Our guests ftom Korea also enjoy watching baseball games at "Chiba Marine Stadium", which is just a few blocks from WBG. They also love to eat at the Sushi restaurant in Makuhari.

Q So finally, may I have any massages from you for the foreign companies who are planning to establish or relocate their business operations in Chiba?

In conclusion, I would like express our thanks to Chiba Prefecture and Chiba Investment Support Center for their kind support given to us on many occasions since the time of launching our business in Japan. Their advisors, who are well versed in the Japanese and international business and the officials from Chiba Prefecture Government helped us locate in FASuC and obtain subsidy on the office rent, etc.. I really enjoy working with them.

To international businessmen and especially to businessmen from the neighboring Asian countries, I really recommend Chiba for doing business. You can concentrate on business through Friday, and if you wish, you can enjoy a game of golf on the beautiful golf courses in Narita area on Saturday. After playing golf, you can take the late afternoon flight from Narita and you will be home in time for dinner with your family. Many of our Korean guests do so and really enjoy working and staying in Chiba. Since Chiba is close to both to Tokyo and to Narita International Airport, it is an ideal place to work and stay. I really recommend Chiba to all of you.

Representative Mutsuo Furuya
Address B2401, 24F, WBG Marive East 2-6, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
TEL 043-297-0711
Established March, 2008
Business Outline Manufacturing/selling of 3D Measurement and Inspection machines
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